Caledonian Residents Management Limited

Revised: November 2011


This booklet is for the guidance of new Residents and Tenants at New Caledonian Wharf and as an "aide de memoir" to existing occupants.  The contents are supplemental to the Head Lease, in the case of Residents, and the Sub Lease in the case of Tenants.

New Caledonian Wharf, a riverside development, lies on the south side of the River Thames between Tower Bridge and Greenwich, adjacent to Greenland Dock formerly named Howland's Great Wet Dock built in 1695, with 10 acres of water.  The dock was associated with the whaling trade and re-named Greenland Dock in 1763.

In the mid-1980's New Caledonian Wharf was redeveloped into a residential block of  apartments by Rosehaugh Co-partnership from the industrial building that originally occupied the site and the flats were sold on long leases during the late 1980's.  Although Rosehaugh subsequently went into liquidation, the freehold is retained by Copartnership Developments Limited, who collects the ground rent.  Day to day management of the development is carried out by Caledonian Residents Management Limited, a management company owned by the long leaseholders in the building.

Caledonian Residents Management Limited is an associate member of ARMA, the Association of Residential Managing Agents.

New Caledonian Wharf is situated within easy reach of the City of London, Canary Wharf, the historical maritime communities of both Greenwich and Rotherhithe, the original point of departure for the Plymouth Brethren, and is close to numerous places of interest and tourist attractions such as Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace and The London eye.  The West End, Oxford Street and theatre land are just a short tube ride away now that the Jubilee Line extension is completed.  The Thames Clipper River Bus provides a regular service between The 02 Centre (the Dome) and Westminster (Embankment and Waterloo) from 06:00 to 02:00 each day.  Greenland Pier, the local stop, is a five minute walk from New Caledonian Wharf.

The following "House Rules"" are devised as guidelines designed to give basic information to lessees and residents of New Caledonian Wharf.  They also outline various rules that need to be highlighted for the successful management, and running, of the building overall.

The Board of Directors of Caledonian Residents Management would like to emphasize that while they have no desire to be excessively bureaucratic or intrusive, however adherence to basic 'house rules' will help to maintain the pleasant environment for all who live in New Caledonian Wharf.  Observation of the requirements of the head lease and respective demised leases as may be applicable which reflect all the terms and conditions of the head lease in the case of sub-lessees will ensure the quiet enjoyment of the building for all and allow for a convivial lifestyle in one of the most prestigious buildings on the River Thames. 

The building is run by Caledonian Residents Management Ltd., for and on behalf of the Lessees, each one of whom is a shareholder in the company.  The company employs a resident Building Manager, Neal Bingham, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the building and management of the staff other seven full time staff, and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Board meets on a monthly basis as a matter of routine.

This document does not supersede or override any responsibilities within any lease. Full responsibilities are outlined in the lease particulars for each apartment.



Moving in and out

Please inform the Building Manager when there is any arrangement for residents or tenants to move into or out of the building.  Extra vigilance is needed at these times to preserve the security of both property and possessions.  The lifts should only be used for removals under the supervision of the Building Manager, in order that physical damage to the fabric of the lift is avoided. Please contact the Building Manager via the reception staff in advance of moving large items in the lifts.  Protective screening is available to cover the walls in the lifts and must be used when moving furniture, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines or any fixtures or fittings.

When you first move in to the building you will need to register with the Building Manager and obtain an entrance fob. Registration with the Building manager will ensure that you are registered on the controlled access system and any previous fobs registered to that specific flat have been cancelled.  The cost of these electronic keys is currently £45.00 each, but this may be revised from time to time.  Please take care of your fob, if you misplace it advise the Building Manager who will cancel the current entry, on the control system, and provide a replacement at a cost of £45.00. You will also be required to complete a registration form detailing your contact information; this will enable staff to be able to contact you in the event that a problem arises in connection with your leased property.

The lease requires the Management Company to holds two spare sets of keys for each apartment. In the event that you change the locks you will be required to ensure that two new spare sets of keys are left deposited with the Building Manager. One spare set is in the event that residents/tenants lose their own keys, the other spare is locked away and may be used by the Building manager/Management Company to access your property in the event of an emergency, such as a flood/fire or medical reasons.  All keys are held securely by the Building Manager.  Keys will not be handed out, under any circumstances, without the written authority of the respective lessee or sub lessee of record on the company files

Cleaning/Refuse Removal

The courtyard, car park and all common parts are cleaned regularly.  Please only use strong black plastic bags for domestic refuse. Please ensure these bags are securely tied or knotted and do not use boxes, plastic carrier bags or similar, for wet refuse, which easily tear and make it difficult for the cleaners and more likely that contents will spill causing damage.

All waste bags should be left in the refuse bins provided in the refuse cupboards, on each floor, before 8.00 a.m. for collection and disposal daily, Monday to Saturday. Please wrap all broken glass etc. in paper before placing them in the plastic bag to avoid potential injury. Ensure that the refuse bags do not contain liquids, e.g. oils, beverages etc., which tend to leak and cause unnecessary damage to flooring materials throughout the building.

Please place all materials for disposal into the respective bins and not on the floor of the bin room.  Failure to place refuse in the bins creates additional work for the staff and potentially causes additional cleaning requirements when wet refuse leaks out of the bags and gets trampled into the carpets

Please separate recycling and place into the appropriate recycling bin. Paper, cardboard, cans, plastic and glass bottles and jars will be collected, if separated, by Southwark.  Please make sure that any cartons are broken down before placing them in the bins, large cartons fill the bins and waste space.  Broken down they are more easily handled and allow better use of the facilities.

It is the sole responsibility of each lessee or sub lessee, as may be applicable; to make their own arrangements for collection of larger items of household refuse, such as furniture, mattresses, electrical appliances, white goods etc., by the local authorities.  Do not place such items in the bin room for removal by the staff and do not dump items in the Fireman's Entrances on the ground floors.  Prior arrangements with the Building Manager can be made to have assistance, from staff, to remove larger items from flats.  Alternatively, suppliers will remove old appliances when they deliver new ones.

To arrange for a special collection, call Southwark Council Refuse Dept on 020 7525 2457 and you will be given a collection date/time and a reference number.  On the day of collection please move your items to the main refuse store which is located on the ground floor at the front of the building next to the pedestrian gates, and leave a note with your reference number on your items.  Please do not leave your items on the landing; neither the staff nor the management company has any obligation to remove such items.  In the event that articles for collection by Southwark Council

Refuse department are left in any common part of the building there will be a charge of £200.00 per item levied by the management company against the relevant lessee, this covers the cost of arranging collection and disposal by a private contractor.  This figure is subject to review by the Management Company from time to time

Contractors working in the building, including electricians, plumbers, builders, painters, glaziers, kitchen fitters, carpet layers or general repair men must be made responsible for the removal of all debris on a daily basis at their own expense and time.  Contractors are not allowed to deposit any of their debris in the communal bin rooms or in the refuse collection room.  When placing contracts with any artisan or workmen it is incumbent upon the individual lessee to ensure removal of debris, on a daily basis, from the building is included in the contract.


Vehicle/Parking Facilities

The 5 MPH speed limit in the car park must be observed.  Please take great care and do not exceed the stipulated limit. The lease allocates one car parking space per flat and is solely for the parking of roadworthy vehicles only.  Parking spaces are not to be used for storage purposes.  All the car parking spaces at New Caledonian Wharf are designated for the use of specified lessees. Parking is strictly monitored and a clamping company is engaged by Caledonian Residents Management Limited to enforce the parking regulations, vehicles parked in a space other than the one allocated to the flat of the vehicle owner will be clamped and all costs are for the account of the irresponsibly parked vehicle owner.  The release charge payable to the clamping company is currently £125 + VAT.  When you use the car park, you mustshow a valid permit that confirms you are the rightful occupier of the car-space you occupy.   Authority to release a clamp cannot be given by the reception staff or the Building Manager, payment of the clamping charge is the only means of release.  In the event that an unauthorized vehicle is parked in your space please advise the reception staff immediately and every endeavour will be made for alternative arrangement parking arrangements within the building until such times as your space is cleared.


Bicycles may be stored only in the bicycle racks in the garage and not to be brought into the building, communal landings or the courtyard. Bicycles stored in the racks must be registered with Reception; on registration a bike tag is issued which must be attached to the bicycle.

Additional Car parking spaces – renting car parking spaces

The Building Manager must be informed of all details of RENTED car parking spaces.  To assist the staff, and avoid security risks it is imperative that accurate records are maintained, by the Building Manager, of all vehicles parking within the building confines  and users of each car parking space..  Occasionally car parking spaces become available for rent.  Please contact the Building Manager for any availability.

Television Reception

All apartments are connected to a communal aerial system for standard T.V. reception. The development is also served by a SKY satellite system. If you wish to be connected to the SKY system (at your expense) please contact the Building Manager who will supply you with contact details so that you can arrange for an estimate to be given of the cost of connecting you to the communal satellite aerial  system. Please note that the installation of private satellite dishes is absolutely prohibited under the terms of the lease.  Any person ignoring this regulation will be liable to the costs of removal and any equipment, such as scaffolding or cherry picker, required for access to remove the offending article.

Telephone and broadband connections

Please note that telephones, telephone lines and broadband connections are the sole responsibility of residents or tenant.  It is not permitted for any cables to be run along external walls or through communal areas.  All flats are wired into the telephone system through the riser cupboards located on each floor with adequate outlets provided to each apartment.


The playing of loud stereo equipment, televisions, computer games (such as Wii) and musical instruments between the hours of 11pm. until 8 am and which is likely to affect the quiet enjoyment of the building for any other lessee or tenant is Strictly Prohibited in accordance with lease. The Management Company will also take strong action against any unruly or anti social behavior and/or noise levels at Any Time where such behavior will interfere with other lessees quiet enjoyment of their property.  If substantial noise nuisance should occur, please contact the staff at reception who will investigate the source of the problem and require the offending resident/tenant to cease the disturbance.  If persistent or re-occurring problems are experienced, you should contact the noise pollution team at Southwark Council on 020 7525 2000. It is also advisable to inform reception on- 020 7231 9506 in order to enable subsequent action to be taken under the terms of the lease if applicable.

Please note that residents are responsible for their visitors entering and leaving the building, at any time, and must ensure that guests do so in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb neighbours.


24 hour Porterage is provided at the reception. Any queries or problems should be initially directed to the person on duty. Direct communication is available via your video entry phone. You may also contact reception by ringing 020 7231 9506, land line, or 07703195869, mobile.

Please inform reception, in writing, if you wish your keys to be collected by someone other than yourself. Without such arrangements situations will arise where relatives, colleagues, estate agents, contractors etc. are refused entry to the development.

Under no circumstances are keys or electronic fobs to be deposited with any estate agents, letting agents or third parties, maintenance personnel or contractors.  Any requirement for entry by any such parties must be made with the Building Manager who will arrange for the reception hold keys and be made available to allow entry to respective flats.  All estate/letting agents, maintenance personnel and contractors must report to Reception on arrival to sign into the building.  This is intended as security measure for yourselves and fellow residents.


Security of the building is of paramount importance to all occupants and staff.  Ensure that, when accessing or exiting the building that you close the gates behind you.  Pedestrian traffic through the main gate can close the gate by, on entry, depressing the button on the left hand side of the gate or, on leaving the building, swiping their fob over the reader on the front of the building.  This will stop the gate from fully opening and cause it to close.

If you are aware of people following you into the building and you do not recognize them please challenge them to determine whether or not they are bona-fide resident in the building or not.  If they are not they should be denied entry and assistance, to remove the person(s) will be provided by the reception staff.

Pedestrian traffic through the north and south lower garages must wait for the gate to fully open and then close behind them.  For Health and Safety reasons these gates have to open to their full extent before closing, the entire operations takes about 90 seconds.  There is no means of being able to stop these gates from opening completely, you may therefore consider it quicker to use the main gate and walk the extra few metres.  Persistent failure to wait and ensure the gates are fully closed may result in the Management Company cancelling your access through the respective gates.  Security is breached by leaving the gate area before it has closed fully and the greatest security we can have is our own vigilance.

Home deliveries of take-away food, parcels or other hand delivered items should be made to the reception and no further.  When placing orders, with suppliers, please instruct them to contact the reception on arrival at the building.  The staff at reception will contact you to enable you to collect such items. Under no circumstances are people making deliveries allowed into the residential areas of the building. Unknown delivery staff has proven to be a security hazard in the past and all residents/tenants are asked to strictly adhere to this measure in the interest of their own and other resident's safety and security.  All supermarket deliveries, furniture, white goods and large items from departmental stores etc., are to be instructed to report to Reception upon arrival at the building.  Reception will then advise the respective occupant of the arrival of the goods and open the lower garage doors on the respective side of the building and allow access into the lower lobby area where receipt of the goods can be taken by the respective resident/tenant.  In the event that there is a delivery of larger items requiring the use of the safety blankets in the lifts the reception staff will then be able to provide the equipment.  Prior notice of any expected deliveries will expedite the operation.
Any one arranging for contractors to visit outside normal working hours should notify reception at least 24 hours in advance. In genuine emergencies, prior notification by telephone is sufficient. This regulation also applies to any work where access to, or interruption of, common services is involved.

Major deliveries requiring the external doors to remain open for periods of time must be notified to the staff at reception for the security of the building to be preserved. Please do not 'buzz' unknown people

into the building, but refer all requests for entry to reception. For added security the ground floor entrances, from the garages to the lifts, and the car parks themselves are protected by 24-hour CCTV.

To prevent unauthorised persons from entering the car park, vehicle owners must wait for the car park security gates to close behind them when entering and leaving the car park.  Please also ensure that the pedestrian gate closes securely behind you to ensure that non residents do not enter the building without permission. Please report any security breaches to the building staff immediately. 


Plumbing at New Caledonian Wharf must be regularly maintained to prevent leaks and damage both inside and outside of the building. This is particularly true of the overflows from the toilet cistern and water tanks in each flat. 

Caledonian Residents Management Ltd has an arrangement with a plumbing company who will visit your apartment annually to carry out a plumbing check to ensure that the risk of water leakage and overflows is kept to a minimum.  Please note that the grouting of tiles and mastic seals in the showers and around the bath does deteriorate over the course of time and has, on occasions, been the cause of substantial subsequent damage if not checked regularly and maintained.

Licence to Alter

Please be advised that it is a requirement of the lease that any works being undertaken in any flat to enhance the property is subjected to a Licence to Alter which is issued by the Freeholder via his solicitors.  Application for Licence to Alter covers all works which are relating to the freeholders fixtures and fittings, as described in your lease, and which will alter the layout of your flat as described on your deeds.  Failure to obtain, and retain, a copy of a Licence to Alter could result in action being taken by the freeholder/Management Company, to require the property to be restored to its original status at the lessee's sole expense.  Accurate records of any modifications must be retained with your lease and deeds for future reference when any transfer of lease is being negotiated.  The Management Company is not responsible for the maintenance of such records but does have an obligation to oversee the work, being undertaken, on behalf of the freeholder

Application for a Licence to Alter is filed through the Management Company who will advise on the requirements for granting of such licence.

Building Works within Flats

Lessees may not alter the layout of their property without first seeking permission from the  Management Company and Freeholder via Caledonian Residents Management Ltd.  Full plans must be first submitted to Building Control at London Borough of Southwark to ensure compliance with Building Regulations.  This will ensure that work is not carried out that would breach the fire lobbies etc., in the event of a fire.  Once approval has been agreed with Building Control, the plans must be submitted to Caledonian Residents Management Ltd along with the expected duration of any work and anticipated disruption to neighbouring flats.  A Deed of Variation will have to be agreed, by the Freeholder so that the lease may be amended to reflect the new approved layout.  The lessee must pay the costs of the Solicitor and

Surveyor employed by the Management Company and Freeholder.  The lifts may not be used by the contractors unless by prior arrangements with the Building Manager and strict hours of work will apply.  The common areas are not to be used for preparation work or for short-term storage.  Any resultant debris made by the contractors in the common areas must be cleared up immediately.  The bin rooms, on respective floors, or the paladins, in the main bin room on the ground floor may not be used for 5

disposal of contractor's debris, which they must be obliged to take off site on a daily basis. All noisy building works must take place between 9am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  No noisy work is permitted, i.e. hammering, drilling or construction works, during weekends from 5pm on a Friday to 9 am on a Monday or the day proceeding to the day after a public holiday.

Prior to commencement of any contract work, of whatever nature, within the building, it is the sole responsibility of the respective lessee to give prior notice to the Building Manager that works will be commenced and evidence of the contractors public liability insurance, for the minimum value of £5,000,000 is to be evidenced.  Failure to provide such Public liability cover will result in the contractor being denied access to the building.

Contents Insurance:

The Management Company has building insurance to cover the shareholders against loss and damage to the property in general and covers all common areas for damage as a result of escape of water.  Each lessee is responsible for providing insurance, via a contents policy, for loss or damage which may be occasioned within their own flat and in the event of a major incident, such as fire or escape of water, which affects other areas of the building, and that is as a result of negligence or default on the part of the lessee they have adequate cover.  The building insurance will have a right to subrogate against the original cause of the damage if not covered by our policy.

Floors within Flats

The lease requires that all floors be covered with close fitted carpeting, however, some discretion has been granted to lessees wishing to install other flooring materials under the following conditions:

  • The floor must be laid with top-quality approved soundproof underlay material.  If, despite the noise proofing measures taken, complaints are subsequently received from neighbours with regards to undue noise levels, Caledonian Residents Management Limited reserves the right to insist that the installed flooring is taken up and material comparable to the original flooring re-layer.
  • In any event, to supplement the noise reduction features of the proposed underlay, rugs must be installed and pads placed beneath the legs of tables and chairs and any other furniture that might scrape on the floor.
  • In the event that there is a leak from the property and the floor is damaged or needs to be taken up (for example in order to investigate the source of a leak), then the costs of repair or lifting the floor will be for the account of the lessee who has installed the wooden floor.  They will not be permitted to form part of any insurance claim against the building.  To do otherwise would risk increases in the buildings insurance premium which are not justifiable to lessees who retain their floor covering in accordance with their leases.
  • Lessees wishing to install alternative flooring must advise the Management Company prior to commencement of work and a letter of undertaking, with regards to sound proofing and noise insulation, must be in place.


Riser Cupboards

The locked riser cupboards are a Restricted Access area where only the Landlord has jurisdiction.  Residents have no access to these areas.  The utility companies may not install

Power Key meters in these areas. For individual meter readings please contact the Building Manager who will then arrange access.

Window Cleaning

As per the terms of the head lease, all lessees should ensure that the windows to their apartments, both inside and outside are cleaned at least once per month.


Under no circumstances should the balconies to flats be used for the drying of washing or storage of furniture, bicycles or other domestic items, it is unsightly and in contravention of the lease.  Suitable garden furniture is allowed.  Cigarette ends, debris or other detritus must not be thrown out of windows or balconies.  It is anti-social and dangerous.  Such debris invariably has to be cleaned up by the building staff. Hanging flower baskets may be hung, and planters arranged, on the inside of the balcony railings (not on the outside).

Barbecue Facilities

Barbecues are not permitted on the any of the individual balconies or terraces. A communal barbecue facility is available, on the river terrace at the discretion of the Board and Building Manager.  Bookings for this facility can be made at reception and a deposit of £250 will be required, when booking the facility, and returned when the area has been cleaned at tidied after use and there is no apparent damage to the fixtures and/or fittings. The barbecue area must be vacated by 11pm.


Smoking is not permitted in any of the common parts of the building or car parks. Lessees should be vigilant for fire risks at all times.  Please ensure that you and any visitors or workmen you have comply with this request. In the event of the fire alarm sounding, where the fire is not in your apartment, it is advisable to stay in your apartment until directed by the fire brigade to leave. Do not use the lifts when the fire alarm is sounding.

Swimming Pool and Gymnasium

The swimming pool at New Caledonian Wharf has no lifeguard and use of the facility is entirely at the individual resident/tenants own risk and responsibility.  Children aged below sixteen must be accompanied by an adult at all times who must be a lessee or tenant in the building.  If you wish to use the pool or gymnasium you must sign the entrance book held at the reception.  All residents must accompany, and remain with, their guests to the pool and gym area.  No alcohol or glass/ceramic containers are permitted in the pool and users must not enter the pool while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  A complete set of rules governing the use of the pool is held at reception.  The Building Manager/Reception staff has full authority to deny entrance if they consider any individual is in breach of this regulation.

The gymnasium is used at the residents/tenants own risk and responsibility.  Caledonian Residents Management maintains the equipment; however the directors accept no responsibility for any injury or accident suffered by any person using the equipment no matter how such accident or injury may occur.  Failure to sign in to the facility does not constitute a failure on the part of the Management Company or imply any degree of responsibility on their behalf.

The pool and gymnasium is opened at 5:30 in the morning and closed at 11:00 PM in the evening, each day.


Selling your property - Solicitors Enquiries

Solicitors inquires should be addressed to Caledonian Residents Management Limited at the building address.  The Freeholder is Co-partnership Developments Limited and the Management Company is Caledonian Residents Management Company Limited.  The Registered Office of the Management Company is at the offices of City Chartered Accountants Limited (Citycas), Suite 540, Fifth Floor, Linen Hall, 162 – 168 Regent Street, London, W1B 5TF.  The freeholders may be contacted through their solicitors, Petrou and Co, Solicitors, Block A, Southgate Office Village, 284 Chase Road, London N14 6HF; Phone 020 8920 5800who holds the counterpart leases.  Caledonian Residents Management makes a charge of £350.00 for the provision of the Sellers Pack and for dealing with all the queries that arise during the course of a sale  Petrou and Co make their own charges for all Landlords matters pertaining to the sale/transfer of any lease.


Sub-letting of properties is strictly controlled at New Caledonian Wharf.  The procedure is as follows:

  1. If you wish to sub-let your property you must notify Caledonian Residents Management Limited, via reception, in advance of any appointments that are being made to view the respective flat
  2. Prior to any viewing you must confirm the identity of the letting agent you are using. Caledonian Residents Management Limited reserves the right to restrict entry to  certain agents who are known to the company and have, previously, performed unsatisfactorily in respect of the obligations to both their client and the building in general.
  3. Properties are to be let on the basis of a short term assured lease for a minimum period of six months and a maximum period of 2 years, as per the head lease
  4. Properties can only be sub let on the basis of the entire flat, sub letting of single rooms or partial occupation of the property.
  5. When the property is to be let you must provide two character references in support of the proposed sub-lessee.
  6. You must confirm to the sub-lessee the terms of your head-lease, all terms and conditions of which are binding upon any sub lease and include in the sub-tenancy agreement the rules and regulations of the building.
  7. A copy of the sub-tenancy agreement must be provided to the Building Manager at the company's offices at New Caledonian Wharf.
  8. A registration fee to cover the cost of providing entry readers and the administration of the sub-letting must be paid to the Building Manager in the sum of £45.  This cheque should be payable to "Caledonian Residents Management Ltd".



In the event of emergency or private work inside apartments, the following companies have provided satisfactory service within the building in the past but the Management Company does not warrant works carried out by them or guarantee it in any way.  Any agreement/contracting works undertaken by either these or any other contractor are at the sole risk of the lessee creating the work order.

Electrical Contractors    Elitenet    020 8514 2422
Plumbers        Warren Hynes
AJT Plumbing and Heating
  07831 161444
020 8310 5742
General Building &
Painting and Decorating 
  Build & Maintain       07930 305 292
Carpet Cleaning       Max Carpet Cleaning   01843 833707/ 07966288326
T.V. Aerial & Satellite   Community Vision   01892 722887
Police     Southwark Police Station 
Safer Neighbourhood Team 

  0300 123 1212
020 8649 3588
Refuse Collection    Southwark Council   020 7525 5000
Noise Pollution    Southwalk Council   020 7525 2000

Management Company:
Caledonian Residents Management Limited
New Caledonian Wharf
6, Odessa Street
SE16 7TW

Phone: 020 7231 9506


Building Manager
Neal Bingham
Resident on site
Phone: 020 7231 9506
  Onsite Staff
Barry Philvin
Shaun Marchant
Ernest Mba

Reception Staff
Phone: 020 7231 9506
Mobile: 07703195869
Jimmy Ogunlana
Daniel Sheppard
Kirsty Weightman
Curtis Storey